Yoghurt and

mashed banana


1 banana

Plain Yoghurt


Maple Syrup

This meal was created as a snack or dessert. And it tastes like that. But it is also very healthy ;-)


Step 1

Mash the banana with a fork. Do it in the plate you want to use for the serving. Shove it to one side of the plate.

Step 2

Pour the youghurt into the other side of the plate. It should take up approximately the same space as the banana.

Step 3

Squeeze the lemon and let it drip like raindrops a little bit all over the dish.

Step 4

Sprinkle mabel syrup a little bit all over the place.

Step 5


Instead, try to get a little bit of everything - the banana, the yoghurt, the syrup and the lemon - on every spoonful as you eat.

Why? Well, one of the joys that you miss when not being able to chew is the clash of different tastes in your mouth, for instance when you bite through a sandwich - or a potato with sauce on it


But with this dish, you can get that clash of tastes: The fruity, rich taste of banana, the creamy and lightly sour taste of yoghurt, the very sweet syrup and the very sour lemon. Four different tastes in just one spoonful. Enjoy it!