Why this web page?

Imagine what cooking would have been like, if humans did not have the abilty to chew? Different, for sure. No pizzas, no bread, no steaks, no raw carrots, no apples, no salads, no burgers, no cheese, no seafood. What’s left to eat? Soup, youghurt, ice cream, porridge, guacamole?

Actually, a lot of people all over the globe are not able to chew, or have difficulties swallowing their food - or both - either temporarily or permanently. The reasons for this can be different: Jaw surgery, cancer, physical disability, or perhaps age. For these people, getting good, healthy, well tasting food every day can be a challenge.  Putting the pizza in the blender is just no good.

At nochewfoods.com we give you a series of recipes that are especially created to produce good, well tasting and healthy meals for those who can’t chew. We try to keep cooking simple, and we use ingredients that you can buy off the shelf in most supermarkets. In order to save your time, you can cook for 10 meals at a time, eat one and freeze the rest for later.

Why did we create these recipes? Well, because we had to. All recipes found on this webpage have been created by Kim and Jonathan - father and son - with Jonathan being the “no-chewer” because of a physical disability. We live in Denmark, but the challenge for those with chewing difficulties is global. We hope that you will find inspiration for your own cooking here.