Cut. Fry (hot!). Stir. Boil. Blend.

These are the basic steps in the nochewfoods kitchen. It is vital to cut all ingredients into small pieces, and stir-fry them in HOT oil. This way, you create the tasty crust that will preserve the good flavour all the way through the following process of boiling and blending. And this is why the food you create with our recipes just tastes of MORE.

It is easy. It is good tasting and healthy. You can make this food with ingredients available at any ordinary super market. You can cook many meals at a time and save the rest for later. All you need - apart from the ingredients and the stove - is a good, big pot, a sharp kitchen knife, a cutting board and an immersion blender.

If you are making this food for another person than yourself, please let this person follow your cooking. The smells and sights are wonderful, and this will make you enjoy the final meal even more!